onsdag 13 maj 2015

El Da Sensei - "Show Stoppa (J57 Remix)" Cuts by: DJ Devastate

Coalmine PromoBlast

El Da Sensei - "Show Stoppa (J57 Remix)"

Featuring DJ Devastate & J57
ShowStoppaRemix 650
Click here to stream "Show Stoppa (J57 Remix)" via AudioMack
Click here to stream "Show Stoppa (J57 Remix)" via SoundCloud
In lieu of the one year anniversary of Coalmine Records' decennary compilation album, Unearthed, mixed by DJ Revolution, the Brooklyn-based indie is pleased to present the J57 Remix of the El Da Sensei featured favorite, "Show Stoppa," which boasts Sweden's DJ Devastate and Young Pacino on the hook duties, over J's head nodding remix. To further celebrate the milestone, Coalmine's pleased to release a limited edition run of Unearthed on cassette. Dubbed the 'Green Slimes' for being pressed on green shells, the hour long mix serves as a who's who of today's independent Hip-Hop scene, packed with features from both veteran and burgeoning emcees such as Pharoahe Monch, Kool G Rap, Large Professor, The Artifacts, Blu, Sean Price, Billy Danze (of M.O.P.), Big Noyd, One Dae, Skillz, Guilty Simpson, Rah DIgga, Maffew Ragazino, El Da Sensei, and Fashawn, among others. Producers tapped include Diamond D, Nottz, Ayatollah, Marco Polo, Khrysis, along with the Grammy Award Winning, M-Phazes, among others.
STREAM: "Show Stoppa (J57 Remix)" - AudioMack • SoundCloud
"Show Stoppa" (Original Mix) - SoundCloud • Coalmine Records
Unearthed (Mixed by DJ Revolution) - SoundCloud • iTunes • Fat Beats

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RT @j57 remixes @eldasensei's "Show Stoppa" (f/ @djdevastate) in promotion of the one year anniversary of #Unearthed: http://bit.ly/1PiR0C8

Unearthed & Remineded Are Now Available On Cassette!

Unearthed Shell
Click here to purchase 'Unearthed' on Cassette
• "Coalmine Records have been keeping Hip-Hop alive for 10 years with their bombastic sounds, and this compilation only adds fuel to that fire. This is an instant classic for any real Hip-Hop head. Be careful while listening, you might break your neck." -Mass Appeal
• "'Unearthed' is a fitting update on the label's fabled formula." -SPIN
• "This compilation is a party, it's a good time, it's just really solid, track-for-track-for track, really badass, teeth gnashed, hard-nosed, Boom bap Hip-Hop."_ -Anthony Fantano, The Needle Drop
• "A formidable drop from a hip-hop preservationist’s kind of label." -Okayplayer
• "In celebration of a decade in the game, Coalmine has released Unearthed...mixed by the dextrous hands of DJ Revolution and acts as the label's vital Soundbombing moment." -Village Voice

Remineded: A Collection of New & Old Remixes

Remineded Cassette 500
Click here to purchase 'Remineded' on Cassette
After initially being released on January 20th, we're pleased to offer our ten track remix compilation, Remineded: A Collection of New & Old Remixes, on cassette. Pressed in limited quantities, Remineded, offers a new spin to our decade deep history, boasting remixes from Hip-Hop's most coveted acts, including Q-Borough's emcee, and famed Golden Era producer, Large Professor, D.I.T.C.'s Diamond D, Spanish heavyweights Cookin' Soul, the Grammy Award Winning M-Phazes, and Brown Bag All Stars' rapper and producer, The Audible Doctor, amongst others.
• "Coalmine Records loves a remix. The Brooklyn, New York-based independent label mined their catalog, including joints from Blu, Heltah Skeltah, El Da Sensei, Guilty Simpson, Kool G Rap, Royce Da 5’9″, Skillz, and more, and issued up some new remixes." -Ambrosia for Heads
• "You can hear golden-era cats like Heltah Skeltah, Kool G Rap, Big Noyd, Diamond D, Large Professor, and M.O.P.’s Billy Danze, as well as some of hip-hop’s new blood, like Blu, who kills “Kiss the Sky,” remixed by none other than Large Pro himself." -Wax Poetics
• "The aptly titled project revives a number of both old and new hits throughout the label's legacy for a proper reexamination." -Earmilk
• "The real question is simple; does this comp revitalize Coalmine standards with fresh perspective in production. Hell yeah, it does." -New Noise Magazine
Remineded: A Collection of New & Old Remixes - SoundCloud • iTunes

Press Pics:

ElDaSensei 3x2 650
Twitter: @eldasensei
J57 650
Twitter: @j57
Twitter: @djdevastate
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Context & Scratch Magic Presents: SCHMUGS (Support the vinyl release)

Click image above to stream SCHMUGS debut album "Quit Talkin'" (YouTube).

Context & DJ Scratch Magic (DK) Presents: SCHMUGS

Dynamic Danish duo "SCHMUGS" launches crowdfunding campaign to release debut album "Quit Talkin'" on vinyl.

Context is one of the illest producers in Europe if you ask me. His work on the “Nobody Beats The Beats”, “Boulevard Connection” projects and countless classic vinyl releases really inspired me to start producing. I had the privilege to get some exclusive tracks from him to use on the latest Counterweight Records mixtape for Carhartt Radio. Those were some real dynamite beats so make sure to check em out.

Right now Context is launching a crowdfunding campaign to get his new album “Quit Talkin’” out on vinyl. The group is called “SCHMUGS” and consists of Context and turntable wizard DJ Scratch Magic. Both crate diggers from the city of Copenhagen. Context told me the duo hooked up and quickly realised that they shared the same passion for beat making, Boom bap and gritty beats. Context jumped in the booth, Scratch Magic got behind the decks and shortly after that the duo had produced a full length album with sound resonating from the mid 90s golden era of Hip Hop. Right now they are trying to get the album “Quit Talkin’” out on the dopest format out there, vinyl. The music is stupid ill, so make sure to support it, I know I will! More about the project below. Enjoy real music straight from Copenhagen.

Some final words from “SCHMUGS” regarding the project:

“All donations will be rewarded with an invitation to our release party where of course we will do a live show with nodding necks to follow. Thank you for your support. - Boom bap will be here forever.”

Click to support SCHMUGS crowdfunding campaign



fredag 1 maj 2015

Counterweight Records Presents - 7 Days of Nas (FreEP)

DM360 PromoBlast

Counterweight Records Presents - 7 Days of Nas (FreEP)

Remixed by Max I Million • Cuts by DJ Devastate

7DaysOfNas 650
Click here to stream/download '7 Days of Nas' (FreEP) via AudioMack
Between celebrating the 20th anniversary of Nas' groundbreaking debut, Illmatic , and the release of the album's documentary, Nas: Time Is Illmatic , 2014 was undoubtedly the year of the Q-Borough legend.
Throughout the years, we've heard countless artists and producers offer their take on Nasir Jones' timeless catalogue, and next up to take a stab at it is Swedish producer, Max I Million, reppin' Counterweight Records . Using various soundscapes, and flipping everything from bass drives synth samples, to mellow Jazz chords and thumping drums, Max I Million creates a vibe the resonates seamlessly with Nas' original concepts and wordplay. For good measure, DJ Devastate adds his turntable wizardry to the mix, providing razor sharp cuts and scratches to the chorus of each track. Keyboardist, Fredrik Segarfalk brings it all together by dusting analog tones in just the right doses.
Appropriately titled, 7 Days of Nas , where each track has been released subsequently over the past week, through Counterweight Records' SoundCloud page, the free project can now be downloaded in its entirety in one simple click, courtesy of AudioMack . 7 Days is released in collaboration with the Belgium based online radio platform, Laid Back Radio(LDBK). Artwork is provided by Jonas Hilmersson, who reinterpreted a Nas illustration, using classic Nas lyrics. Enjoy.
STREAM/DOWNLOAD: 7 Days of Nas - AudioMack • SoundCloud
VIDEO: "It Ain't Hard To Tell" - Vimeo

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Sweden's @cwrecs Presents #7DaysOfNas #FreEP Stream/Download here: http://bit.ly/1GBeOfV *Remixed by Max I Million | Cuts by @djdevastate


01. It Ain't Hard To Tell
02. Mad You Look
03. One Love
04. Street Dreams
05. You Know My Style
06. Nas Is Like
07. Surviving the Times (feat. Segerfalk)
*Remixed by Max I Million | Cuts by DJ Devastate
DM360 Extended Black
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onsdag 4 februari 2015

Counterweight Radio Show (Mixed by DJ Devastate)

DM360 PromoBlast

Counterweight Radio Show (Mixed by DJ Devastate)

Carhartt WIP Radio (February)

Carhartt 650
Click here to stream 'Counterweight Radio Show (Mixed by DJ Devastate)' via SoundCloud
Every month Carhartt WIP Radio welcomes a label/deejay to present new and fresh music. For February’s installment, Sweden's DJ Devastate of Counterweight Records drops an exclusive one hour mix that delivers unreleased and upcoming tracks from their label, along with various remixes and recently released tracks taken from their back catalogue. Several of the artists featured include Masta Ace, Ed O.G., El da Sensei, Craig G, Germany's Suff Daddy, Croatian producer/deejay Koolade, Max I Million and more.
The mix blends various genres, from Hip-Hop to smooth instrumentals and jazz, giving the listener a taste of the Counterweight sound and what you can expect from the brand in the future.
STREAM - Counterweight Radio Show - AudioMack  SoundCloud

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Sweden's @djdevastate presents his @cwrecs Radio Show Mix for @CarharttWIP (February Edition) *Stream here: http://bit.ly/1CCbsaa

Carharrt WIP (Artist Feature): DJ Devastate

Devastate 450
Photo credit: Fredrik Segerfalk
This month, Carhartt WIP Radio welcomes the young label Counterweight, run by DJ Devastate, a producer from South Sweden.
Devastate started as a DJ in the late nineties and has already released records with legends like Kutmasta Kurt and Masta Ace. Inspired by classic boom-bap hip hop, funk and jazz, he launched his label Counterweight last year in order to showcase fresh music with the emphasis on soulful sounds to PROMOTE young and skilled newcomers. For Carhartt WIP Radio he has prepared a show that features unreleased and upcoming Counterweight tracks including exclusive tracks from producers like Max I Million, Suff Daddy and DJ Large, back catalogue releases from himself as well as some remixes from back in the day. His mix showcases many different genres, from smooth instrumentals and jazz, to more classic hip hop, giving the listener a slice of the Counterweight sound and what to expect in the future. To look behind the scenes we talked to DJ Devastate about his past, his aims for Counterweight and more (Click here to read Q&A).


01. Counterweight Intro (feat. DJ Devastate & Segerfalk) 
02. Koolade - Afternoon Flip (Isley's) 
03. Max I Million - Minnesota Fats 
04. Context - Ray's Play 
05. DJ Devastate & Segerfalk - Onward Till Morning 
06. E. Classical - Get On Down 
07. Max I Million - Feel It 
08. DJ Connect (feat. Maylay Sparks, Jeru The Damaja, IDE, L.I.F.E. Long, Segerfalk) - The Jazz Joint (DJ Devastate Remix) 
09. DJ Large - Flight Mode 
10. Max I Million - Raindrops Pt. 2 
11. ADL - Medicine (Max I Million Remix) 
12. Suff Daddy - Cat Heads 
13. Max I Million & Craig G - Cover the City 
14. Context - Good Morning CPH 
15. Context - Keep on Working 
16. DJ Devastate (feat. Erik L, Segerfalk & K. Eliasson) - More Moves 
17. DJ Devastate (feat. Segerfalk) - Don't Sop 
18. El Da Sensei (feat. DJ Devastate) - Show Stoppa 
19. ADL - Medicine 
20. DJ Create & Masta Ace - Let's Go (DJ Devastate Remix) 
21. Context - PR#77 
22. DJ Large - Latitude 
23. Knoiota (feat. Edo. G & Jaysaun) - Boston Blocks(Max I Million Remix) 
24. DJ Devastate (feat. Segerfalk) - With The Groove
DM360 Extended Black
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tisdag 25 november 2014

Baby Blak - Bottom Line (Prod. DJ Devastate)

DM360 PromoBlast

Baby Blak - "The Bottom Line" (Main & Remix)

Produced by DJ Devastate • Remixed by Max I Million

Click to purchase 'The Bottom Line' (Digi-12") via iTunes
Baby Blak lays down "The Bottom Line" with an array of murdering metaphors and concrete similes, backed by Sweden's DJ Devastate and Max I Million, on production. Blak, the seasoned Hip-Hop veteran, needs no introduction to any real rap fiend. With a catalog that spreads over two decades, with collaborations that include The Roots, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Obie Trice, The Alchemist, Sean Price, Evidence, Planet Asia and DJ Revolution, Blak has proven himself time and time again, to rank amongst Philly’s topflight school of emcees. Blak is hailed for his smooth lyrical delivery, often combining thought worthy concepts with raw street corner aesthetics.
For his latest single, “The Bottom Line," Blak complements the bouncy yet rugged beat with his self-revelatory lines: “I guess I never sign on the dotted line/ I guess I do it independent, bottom line.” The track is a true street scripture with relevance to anyone discouraged by today's Hip-Hop climate. Both the production and cuts on "The Bottom Line" are provided courtesy of Swedent's DJ Devastate, with a remixed crafted by Max I Million. “The Bottom Line” is now available through iTunes, and all major digital retailers, via Cinema7 Multimedia Group.
STREAM: "The Bottom Line" - SoundCloud • AudioMack: Main | Remix
DOWNLOAD: "No Limit" - iTunes • Amazon • Google Play • Spotify

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RT @babyblak is back with #TheBottomLine, new single produced by @djdevastate B/W Max I Million Remix *Listen here: http://bit.ly/1uspKk4

Press Pic:

BabyBlak 650
Twitter: @babyblak
DM360 Extended Black
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