onsdag 4 februari 2015

Counterweight & Carhartt WIP radio show - Mixed by: DJ Devastate

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Counterweight Radio Show (Mixed by DJ Devastate)

Carharrt WIP Radio (February)

Carhartt 650
Click here to stream 'Counterweight Radio Show (Mixed by DJ Devastate)' via SoundCloud
Every month Carhartt WIP Radio welcomes a label/deejay to present new and fresh music. For February’s installment, Sweden's DJ Devastate of Counterweight Records drops an exclusive one hour mix that delivers unreleased and upcoming tracks from their label, along with various remixes and recently released tracks taken from their back catalogue. Several of the artists featured include Masta Ace, Ed O.G., El da Sensei, Craig G, Germany's Suff Daddy, Croatian producer/deejay Koolade, Max I Million and more.
The mix blends various genres, from Hip-Hop to smooth instrumentals and jazz, giving the listener a taste of the Counterweight sound and what you can expect from the brand in the future.
STREAM - Counterweight Radio Show - AudioMack • SoundCloud

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Sweden's @djdevastate presents his @cwrecs Radio Show Mix for @CarharttWIP (February Edition) *Stream here: http://bit.ly/1CCbsaa

Carharrt WIP (Artist Feature): DJ Devastate

Devastate 450
Photo credit: Fredrik Segerfalk
This month, Carhartt WIP Radio welcomes the young label Counterweight, run by DJ Devastate, a producer from South Sweden.
Devastate started as a DJ in the late nineties and has already released records with legends like Kutmasta Kurt and Masta Ace. Inspired by classic boom-bap hip hop, funk and jazz, he launched his label Counterweight last year in order to showcase fresh music with the emphasis on soulful sounds to PROMOTE young and skilled newcomers. For Carhartt WIP Radio he has prepared a show that features unreleased and upcoming Counterweight tracks including exclusive tracks from producers like Max I MillionSuff Daddy and DJ Large, back catalogue releases from himself as well as some remixes from back in the day. His mix showcases many different genres, from smooth instrumentals and jazz, to more classic hip hop, giving the listener a slice of the Counterweight sound and what to expect in the future. To look behind the scenes we talked to DJ Devastate about his past, his aims for Counterweight and more (Click here to read Q&A).


01. Counterweight Intro (feat. DJ Devastate & Segerfalk)
02. Koolade - Afternoon Flip (Isley's)
03. Max I Million - Minnesota Fats
04. Context - Ray's Play
05. DJ Devastate & Segerfalk - Onward Till Morning
06. E. Classical - Get On Down
07. Max I Million - Feel It
08. DJ Connect (feat. Maylay Sparks, Jeru The Damaja, IDE, L.I.F.E. Long, Segerfalk) - The Jazz Joint (DJ Devastate Remix)
09. DJ Large - Flight Mode
10. Max I Million - Raindrops Pt. 2
11. ADL - Medicine (Max I Million Remix)
12. Suff Daddy - Cat Heads
13. Max I Million & Craig G - Cover the City
14. Context - Good Morning CPH
15. Context - Keep on Working
16. DJ Devastate (feat. Erik L, Segerfalk & K. Eliasson) - More Moves
17. DJ Devastate (feat. Segerfalk) - Don't Sop
18. El Da Sensei (feat. DJ Devastate) - Show Stoppa
19. ADL - Medicine
20. DJ Create & Masta Ace - Let's Go (DJ Devastate Remix)
21. Context - PR#77
22. DJ Large - Latitude
23. Knoiota (feat. Edo. G & Jaysaun) - Boston Blocks(Max I Million Remix)
24. DJ Devastate (feat. Segerfalk) - With The Groove
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tisdag 25 november 2014

Baby Blak - Bottom Line (Prod. DJ Devastate)

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Baby Blak - "The Bottom Line" (Main & Remix)

Produced by DJ Devastate • Remixed by Max I Million

Click to purchase 'The Bottom Line' (Digi-12") via iTunes
Baby Blak lays down "The Bottom Line" with an array of murdering metaphors and concrete similes, backed by Sweden's DJ Devastate and Max I Million, on production. Blak, the seasoned Hip-Hop veteran, needs no introduction to any real rap fiend. With a catalog that spreads over two decades, with collaborations that include The Roots, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Obie Trice, The Alchemist, Sean Price, Evidence, Planet Asia and DJ Revolution, Blak has proven himself time and time again, to rank amongst Philly’s topflight school of emcees. Blak is hailed for his smooth lyrical delivery, often combining thought worthy concepts with raw street corner aesthetics.
For his latest single, “The Bottom Line," Blak complements the bouncy yet rugged beat with his self-revelatory lines: “I guess I never sign on the dotted line/ I guess I do it independent, bottom line.” The track is a true street scripture with relevance to anyone discouraged by today's Hip-Hop climate. Both the production and cuts on "The Bottom Line" are provided courtesy of Swedent's DJ Devastate, with a remixed crafted by Max I Million. “The Bottom Line” is now available through iTunes, and all major digital retailers, via Cinema7 Multimedia Group.
STREAM: "The Bottom Line" - SoundCloud • AudioMack: Main | Remix
DOWNLOAD: "No Limit" - iTunes • Amazon • Google Play • Spotify

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RT @babyblak is back with #TheBottomLine, new single produced by @djdevastate B/W Max I Million Remix *Listen here: http://bit.ly/1uspKk4

Press Pic:

BabyBlak 650
Twitter: @babyblak
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lördag 25 oktober 2014

DJ Create - Rolling Stoned Mixtape (Intro Prod. DJ Devastate)

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DJ Create is a beatmaker, producer and turntablist of Croatian descent, living in South Sweden. Boom bap enthusiast, Golden Age revivalist and dedicated crate digger. Create is currently a member of the deejay/production crew, 'Elite Fleet,' and represents half of theCreate & Devastate producer duo. For his latest mix, Create is pleased to release Rolling Stoned, to the masses. The 19 track, free download, is potent blend of some of the most smoked out joints that you'll find in your iPod or record stash. So sit back, relax, and let DJ Create be your co-pilot on this special blend of classics.. tgif!
STREAM/DOWNLOAD: Rolling Stoned (Mixtape) - SoundCloud

Free Merch:

DJ Create has joined forces with ALISSmokers Choice and Impala Malmö for limited edition Rolling Stoned themed lighters and mix trays, available for free, to the first ten contestants to do the following:
• Repost the SoundCloud link of the mix to your SoundCloud account.
• Or - If you're not on SoundCloud, no problem, simply share the link through through any of your socials; Facebook, Twitter, IG (copy/paste the text below if you'd like to share via Twitter).
• Next: simply send an email to DJ Create detailing your support with either a screenshot or link, along with your mailing address, and Create will ship out the merch, free of charge:djcreate.elitefleet@gmail.com
Rolling Stoned Lighters 650
Rolling Stoned Mixtrays 650

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Sweden's DJ Create presents his high-minded #RollingStoned mixtape for #FreeDownload Grab it here: http://bit.ly/12r3Yax

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fredag 22 augusti 2014

New Mixtape out with Laid Back Radio and Counterweight Records

Talk is cheap and good music is priceless. This mix compiled by Swedish DJ/producer Devastate from Counterweight Records showcases the label's musical ambitions mixing classic boom bap sounds with soulful beats and various jazzy instrumental gems. It’s an one hour mix filled with laid back music that demands you to sit down, be quiet and really listen. Enjoy! 

DJ Devastate has dropped various instrumental projects and also produced artists like: Ed O.G, El Da Sensei, Masta Ace, Reks, Termanology and many others. His earlier mixtape releases include collaborations with BBE Records, Fremdtunes, Basementality and Waxpoetics. 

Counterweight Records just dropped their first single “Medicine” Featuring ADL available on 7” vinyl through their website, also out as a digital release. 

Counterweight records: www.counterweight.se - www.twitter.com/cwrecs
DJ Devastate: www.twitter.com/djdevastate - www.soundcloud.com/djdevastate

Artwork: Jonas Hilmersson

tisdag 1 juli 2014

ADL's New single "Medicine" (7" Vinyl) - Produced By. DJ Devastate

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ADL - "Medicine" (Main/Remix)

Produced by DJ Devastate • Remixed by Max i Million

Medicine 650
Click to download "Medicine" via iTunes
Adam Baptiste, also know as ADL, pioneered Swedish rap in the early '90s, reaching legendary status. Touring with artists like Fugees, A Tribe Called Quest and many others. His flawless delivery, seamless flows, timeless topics and undeniable soul has inspired countless artists to date. Nowadays Adam works as a songwriter worldwide and seldom raps, unless it’s for a good reason. "Medicine" is that good reason. The track is an honest expression, a soul homage in the form of a open hearted love letter. Adam explains “Everything I said in this song is a reflection of the true me.”
"Medicine" is produced by DJ Devastate and features instrumentation by keyboardistSegerfalk. The remix is laced by producer Max i Million. This is the first release from newly formed Swedish label Counterweight Records, a small independent label with ambitions to to defy hype in effort to create a musical balance. Counterweight starts from scratch with the simple goal of showcasing creative and soulful music. "Medicine" is now available on 7-inch vinyl and for download, through all major digital retailers.
STREAM: "Medicine" - SoundCloud • AudioMack
MP3/VINYL: "Medicine" - iTunes • Amazon • 7-inch Vinyl

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Swedish rapper ADL delivers Soul Infused #Medicine (Main/Remix). *Download here: http://bit.ly/1k6ZzLZ S/O @cwrecs @djdevastate

Press Pics:

ADL 3x2
IG: @adambaptiste
DJDevastate 3x2
Twitter: @djdevastate
Segerfalk 3x2
Twitter: @analogsweden
MaxIMillion 1
IG: @_max_i_million_
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torsdag 22 maj 2014

El Gant (feat. Torae & DJ Devastate) - "Truth Hurts" (prod. JOAT)

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El Gant (feat. Torae & DJ Devastate) - "Truth Hurts" (prod. JOAT)

Beast Academy Drops 6/10 • Album Pre-Order Now Available
BeastAcademy 650
Click here to pre-order 'Beast Academy' via iTunes
Hip-Hop has always been synonymous with getting money. From the early days of Eric B & Rakim, to the likes of ScHoolboy Q, most artists have treated their music like a business by making meaningful tracks that they're proud of, and getting compensated in the process. But while there's nothing wrong with making bank, you shouldn't have to compromise your sound to please others. For the rappers who are aiming for that low hanging fruit, "Truth Hurts" is the joint that will give their heads a shake, calling out those clones who are only in it for the glory. With El Gant's keenly focused delivery that could melt mics and Torae's equally impressive verse over JOAT's (Jack of all Trades) rugged production, coupled with DJ Devastate's sinister cuts, this is one tune that'll be bumped on the regular this summer. "Truth Hurts" is the latest leak taken from El Gant's forthcoming LP, Beast Academy, which is produced entirely by JOAT, and set to drop on June 10th.Beast Academy is now available for pre-order via iTunes.. wack rappers watch out.
Beast Academy is produced entirely by JOAT (Jack Of All Trades) and includes guest appearances from Chris Webby, Ill Bill, Torae, El Da Sensei, Infinity Gauntlet, and more, stay tuned!
STREAM: "Truth Hurts" - SoundCloud
Pre-Order Links: iTunes • Fat Beats

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RT @ElGant connects with @Torae on "Truth Hurts" (prod. by @J4CKofallTRADES) *Listen here: http://bit.ly/1kmyis0 #BeastAcademy 6/10

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ElGant 3x2
Twitter: @ElGant
Torae 650
Twitter: @Torae
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